Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christchurch Ho!

I’ve been lucky in my travels--thus far everything has gone according to plan. I managed to sleep a bit on the plane between LA and Auckland. I met some people also going to the South Pole, others who are just staying in McMurdo, and still others who are going to “remote locations” that are known only by a longitude and latitude. I remembered that petting the cute flop-eared puppies in the Auckland airport is a bad idea (they’re the drug dogs!). None of my bags were lost—most fortunately the bag with the electronics for IceCube (without which there could be severe delays…or so I’m told). I made it to my hotel, took a shower, walked around Christchurch collecting the things I had forgotten and taking in the local flavor, got some lunch, and overall had a very successful day! So I thought I’d share with you some photos from today: just click on the photo below to see the picasa album. I wanted to incorporate the photos in this entry, but the internet here is too slow to figure out how, so I opted for writing a lot in the captions. Hot tip: hover over the photo with your mouse and you'll get the full caption. Ha ha, I now have photos on my blog! How cool is that? (-18 degrees Fahrenheit and snowing.)

Adventures in Physicsland

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